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Sound Relief 2009

Sound Relief Sydney 2009

Sydney rock lovers took a trip down memory lane as performers from more than three decades hit the stage at the Sound Relief concert. Jands provided the audio system and staff for the Sydney concert and also sent front end equipment and crew to the Melbourne concert for Midnight Oil.

Date 14th March 2009
Front of House Greg Rosman, George Gorga
Monitors Bob Daniels, Andy McKeown, Bredan Keane
Patch Tim Seconi
R.F. systems Peter Twartz
Stage Damon Pieterse, James Kohler, Duncan Kaye
  Chris Pratt, Tim Lonergan, Carla Puckeridge
  Andrea LeRoy
Speaker System JBL Vertec
  54 x JBL Vertec 4889
  24 x JBL Vertec 4888
  64 x JPS JBL 18″ Sub Bass
Amplifiers 50 x Crown MA5002vz Amplifiers
  8 x Crown MA-9000i Amplifiers
Control systems  
F.O.H. 2 x Digi-Design Venue D-Show Consoles 96CH
  Yamaha PM5D-RH Digital Console
  2 x TC D2 Tap Delays
  2 x DBX 160SL Compressors
  TCM-5000 Reverb
  Eventide H-3000 Harmoniser
  Tascam CD Recorder
FOH Drive System  
  4 x Dolby DLP 412 Processors
  BSS Stereo EQ
  Motion 1200 Wireless Tablet
  SMAART System
  Midas XL88
  5 x Shure UR4D-Q5 dual receivers
  10 x Shure UR-Q2 transmitters c/w Beta 58 capsules
  6 x Shure SM 81
  7 x Shure Beta 98
  2 x Shure SM 89
  2 x Shure SM 91
  16 x Shure SM 57
  9 x Shure SM 58
  6 x Shure Beta 57a
  12 x Shure Beta 58a
  2 x Shure Beta 52a
  3 x Shure 565
  6 x Shure KSM 137
  4 x Shure KSM 32
  4 x Sennheiser BF 509
  5 x Sennheiser E 904
  6 x AKG 414
  4 x Audio-Technica AT 4050
  4 x Beyer Dynamic M 88
  6 x Beyer Dynamic Opus 87
  25 x Countryman Type 85 DI box
Monitor System  
  2 x Clair Bros ML18 Sub Bass
  3 x Dolby DLP 412 Processors
  2 x Clair Lake iOs
  8 x L-Acoustics Arcs
  8 x L-Acoustics dV-Subs
  8 x LA-48 Amplifiers
  2 x Crown MA9000i Amplifiers
  12 x Crown MA3600 Amplifiers
  23 x Senheiser EW300 G2 IEM Transmitters
  32 x Senheiser EW300 G2 IEM Receivers
  3 x PWS Helical Aerials
  2 x Shure PA821 Aerial Distributions
Coldplay Sound Relief Chris Martin with John Farnham

One response to “Sound Relief 2009”

  1. Russ Adams says:

    Sound, video & lighting all spectacular. The Eskimo joe set was a masterpiece. Melbourne was a letdown by comparison.- A horrible boomy muddy baseline that threatened to overwhelm everything else. Midnight oil must have had their own frontman who had a clue. They were the only ones who seemed to sort it out. In fact the best thing about melbourne was a Sydney band- midnight oil. Congratulations on a really proffessional production. I should have known you guys were involved.

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