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Where we work

You name it, we’ve done it. In Australia, we have unmatched breadth and depth of experience in live sound production. This isn’t just because we’ve been around for longer than everyone else, but because we’ve been willing to try anything.

This is why you’ll find JPJ Audio sound systems at outdoor festivals, in theatres, in danceclubs, on national concert tours and at live TV events. You’ll find our systems at corporate conferences and trade shows, in pubs, clubs and churches. In short, wherever someone needs to amplify sound, either for just an hour or every day for years, JPJ Audio is there providing a reliable and professional service.
Have a look at some of the shows we’ve done in the past and are doing right now.

Concerts & Tours

JPJ Audio has covered nearly every major concert tour in Australia since 1970, and as a result, we have long term relationships with venue staff, crewing services, freight companies and production managers here and overseas. We have total familiarity with all aspects of touring, and it’s this sort of experience that has led some of the biggest names in music to choose JPJ Audio for their tours.
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There’s a massive demand for musicals in Australia, with shows like Harry Potter, Muriels Wedding and Mamma Mia consistently running for months (or years) on end nationally. JPJ Audio is a leading supplier of live sound equipment for these hugely popular shows.

Theatre is a different environment from live concerts and has very different sound requirements. JPJ Audio has the experience and know-how to make the most complex and ambitious theatre spectacular go off flawlessly, night after night.
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The outdoor festival has become hugely popular in Australia in the last decade, because it gives bands and DJs who can’t afford to tour here by themselves a chance to play a larger show to thousands of people who might otherwise never hear of them. What happens? A few years later they’re back as a headlining act playing major venues.

Indoors? Outdoors? It makes no difference to us, we provide the best live sound for the gig.
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Live television events are becoming increasingly popular, and JPJ Audio has been there for some of the biggest of recent years, providing the staging, production and sound that makes it all happen.

Working with TV means integrating with broadcast technologies and running the show to a precisely-timed schedule, but JPJ Audio revels in this sort of challenge, and we’ve successfully managed the sound for a number of TV events.
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Corporate & Special Events

There’s a lot more to live sound than just bands and music. Corporate and public events such as product launches, fashion parades and charity dinners all need sound reinforcement. JPJ Audio has received high praise for their technical excellence in a number of corporate events in Australia and Asia, and is the preferred supplier for many of Australia’s leading companies and event producers.
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