JPS Australia


Art and science in balance

With the sorts of technologies available today, amplifying live performances has become both a science and an art. Our sound engineers bring a huge amount of talent and experience to your show and will design a system that is specifically tailored to get the most out of your performance and the venue.

SoundVisionUsing sophisticated products like SoundVision, a 3D acoustic simulation system, our audio designers can calculate sound pressure level and coverage maps for sound systems and venues, no matter how big or complex. With this information they can make the sort of fine adjustments that ensure that everyone in the venue hears the same high quality sound, wherever they’re sitting.

What about the audience?

The audience have paid for their tickets and ultimately, whether you’re part of the production team or performing on stage, you’re working for them. Our fundamental aim is to deliver the best possible audience experience. Whether they’re in the front row or the back, it’s our objective to have everyone in the place walk out saying ‘That sounded fantastic!’