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What we’re about

No job too small or too large

At JPJ Audio we know there’s something to be learnt from every show, no matter what it is. This is why we’ll take on anything, anywhere, anytime, from the biggest national tours to an in-store product launch. Whether you’re running a small conference or a full-scale outdoor festival it makes no difference to us, we apply the same rigorous and professional approach to your job.

The best sound at the best price

At JPJ Audio, we’re aware that live sound pricing can be variable and there is often confusion about what’s included in the quote and what’s not, so we make a point of being consistent in our pricing. That’s why when we give you a quote we’ll stick to it. We don’t have hidden costs, and we won’t compromise on the standard of equipment or staff we provide.

While our quote won’t always be the lowest one you’ll receive, we’ll guarantee that it will be for the right equipment at the fairest price, and there’s a reason for that: we understand the realities of the industry.

When you tell us what show you’re doing, we’ll tell you what we think you need and we’ll give you what we think is the fair price for that job: no more, no less.


Everyone in a live production wants something different, and for different reasons. The engineer wants the best gear, the production manager wants it all delivered on time and working perfectly, and the promoter wants all of this at an affordable price.
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Anybody can buy the latest and greatest equipment; it’s how you use it that counts. JPJ Audio has been around for over forty years, and we’ve learnt that the most important part of any live production is the crew.
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JPJ Audio has made a point of getting to know the main manufacturers of sound equipment around the world, and because we’re a large and regular customer, they’re always keen to show us their latest and greatest products.
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Production management

Being on a large tour can often feel like a military operation, and you need exceptional organisational skills to keep everything running smoothly and on time.
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With the sorts of technologies available today, amplifying live performances has become both a science and an art. Our sound engineers bring a huge amount of talent and experience to your show and will design a system that is specifically tailored to get the most out of your performance and the venue.
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