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Rod Stewart 1979

The “Blondes ‘Ave More Fun Tour” was Rod Stewart’s second trip to Australia. For the outdoor shows the sound system was stacked on three levels and was powered by Jands J600S amplifiers.

As in 1977, Patrick Woodroffe designed and operated the lighting which included PAR 64s, Altman Beamlights and Lekos along with a quantity of Arri 2K Blondies for audience lighting. The set featured all-white stage equipment and curtains.

Jands Crew
Vagn Stenvei, Phil Dracoulis, David Mulholland, Mark Keegan, Dave Houghton

Rod Stewart Crew
Pete Buckland, Patrick Woodroffe

Tour Dates 1979
31 January – Perth
01 February – Perth
02 February – Perth
05 February – Adelaide
09 February – Melbourne
12 February – Sydney
13 February – Sydney
16 February – Brisbane
17 February – Brisbane
18 February – Brisbane
23 February – Auckland, NZ
27 February – Christchurch, NZ

2 responses to “Rod Stewart 1979”

  1. Denis Spencer says:

    Hi Guys,

    My name is Denis Spencer and I Directed the Blondes Have More Fun tour from Sydney Showgrounds on Feb 12 1979 for Network 10. A long shot I know but during a bad storm my copy of this TV Special was damaged. I am wondering if any one @JPJ has a copy of the edited version that went to air.
    Best — Denis Spencer

  2. TOM GATTIS says:

    Love the pictures, but what are those 2×12 rear loaded mid folded horns called? I have been trying for years to find a make and model of those.

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