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2SM Victoria Park Concert 1979

During the 1970s, radio station 2SM staged a series of free concerts in Sydney. The February 1979 concert turned out to be its last at Victoria Park and featured Dragon, The Angels, Split Enz, Kevin Borich and Sports. Sydney City Council subsequently banned outdoor shows there following complaints about crowd behaviour and damage to the park.

Jands sound system included both 4-way and Concord speaker cabinets. Jands also supplied lighting and the outdoor roof for the concert.


ABN2 Sydney ABC ‘The Way We Are’ December 1979 program. Includes brief clip by Australian rock band The Angels performing live at the February 18 1979 2SM Victoria Park free concert.

17 responses to “2SM Victoria Park Concert 1979”

  1. Peter says:

    I was at that concert as a kid. It was pure gold for a 12 yo boy. I recall we got there at about 8.30 am and sat up the front all day, there were not many people there at 8.30, they turned up soon after though and the place was packed. Great day and I remember the sound too, it was the goods.

  2. Tex says:

    I have a bottleg video of the infamous Sydney concert New Years Eve 1980 when Doc neeson was knocked out by a flying can. Unfortunely the sound for this concert was poor. Feedback through much of the set. Maybe not Jands crowning moment.

  3. Squeak says:

    the Doc Neeson event was outside the Opera House, not Vic Park

  4. J9 says:

    I was at this concert, I was 16 the week before and it was where the boy I had chased for 3 years finally asked me out. 21 years later we were still together and married until he passed away. Those concerts were the best thing we had to look forward to and I attended many with bands that are still kickin around today and I must say that in that day and age the behavour was fairly tame compared to the ones these days. :o))

  5. John B says:

    I was there, probably near the Desk. We always followed the mix. Had followed the rest of the bands around but that was the first time I had seen Enz outside of countdown. They rocked.

  6. peter says:

    An amazing day- Borich, The Angels . Dragon and Split Enz ripping the place apart with I See Red!

  7. Eric says:

    I was the clown who was on stage bopping with the Angels
    What a great concert
    Did that now I’d get 20 years in the electric chair
    We grew up with the Angels
    All good memeries

  8. Suzy says:

    Squeak is right: that concert was at the Opera House, not Vic Park. The crowd certainly did get out of control and Doc Neeson did get hit by a can of beer pelted at the stage that struck him in the head. The crowd had been throwing cans at the stage for a while and then during The Angels’ set, Doc picked one up and said “Aargh it’s empty. Next time throw a full one.” Well, someone obliged. His getting hit immediately shut the concert down and yes, no more concerts were held after that. (But Tanelorn in 1981 was a whole different ballgame!)

    I clearly remember that summer and that day. I went with my best friend and when my straw hat got blown into the harbour near the Man o War steps, we were both stunned when a young lad swam out and retrieved it for me! I was a thirteen year old brat and it was the best time of my life.

  9. martin c says:

    Now HERE”S a memory. At that concert somebody ( probably Dragon) were late so a member of the audience( could have been a roadie) got up and played/sang a few songs to fill in time until they came??

  10. mark says:

    dragon …split enz …the angels …kbe…do I recall mr swan as well?…a host of others…dragon and are you old enough…split enz and I see red….the doc climbing …I was 14…first concert thanks Robert Heffernan wherever you are up or down there …and oh..Deanne too lol what a day.

  11. D Leary says:

    I do remember Doc Climbing on the scaffolding.And I do remember beer cans being hurled at the guys sitting on the light poles. TIN CANS.

  12. Chris says:

    I was there, iwould have been 11 or 12 years old. Split enz in their colorful suits. I was right next to the pole some guy climbed up with a moove flavored milk carton, then afterwards on tv the add, move it baby move it the commercial. Great concert (they were the good old days).

  13. Terri says:

    The days I remember as exciting life ….was a great day ????

  14. Linda Pearson says:

    Great day great memories.Set me up for live bands stil to this day.Loved getting the Gif Guide and circling what our Thursday, Friday Saturday nights woul pan out.
    Seeing most of these bands at the Comb n Cutter Blacktown , even The Cure played there.

  15. Gail Vernon says:

    I was 19 at that concert at Victoria Park my first concert as roc whiz would ask! Up the back with the bikies wanted to go up the front but was not allowed by my boyfriend at the time, he felt safe with me with his bikie mates. I remember the sound was still awesome I was dancing around with my freak on!! loved every moment of it!!

  16. Gail Vernon says:

    Still love my live music at 62 most of my money goes to live music, I remember being a very hot day keeping hydrated and getting ice thrown at me. this concert set me up for the rest of my life attitude towards music and the whole experience

  17. Drmtym says:

    Awesome, awesome and full of Spunk, lots of energy on stage at these concerts back in the 70s, was there 77-78-79, still loving live jams, too Kool, too deadly and too brutal, Memories Memories Memories. Am 67 years young, still living the dream, with my herbs.

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