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Linda Ronstadt 1979


The Living in the U.S.A. Tour included concerts played in the U.S. as well as Australia and Japan. Jands Concert Productions supplied the sound, lighting and stage roof for the Australian leg of the tour.


16 February 1979 Sydney Showground
24 February 1979 Melbourne Cricket Grounds


Linda Ronstadt – Vocals
Waddy Wachtel – Guitar, Background Vocals
Don Grolnick – Keyboards
Kenny Edwards – Bass, Background Vocals
Dan Dugmore – Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
Russ Kunkel – Drums

Set List:

Lose Again
That’ll Be The Day
Blue Bayou
When Will I Be In Loved
It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
All That You Dream
Love Me Tender
Just One Look
Mohammed’s Radio
It’s So Easy
Someone To Lay Down Beside Me
My Blue Tears / Poor Poor Pitiful Me
Tumbling Dice
You’re No Good
Sorrow Lives Here
Back In The U.S.A.

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8 responses to “Linda Ronstadt 1979”

  1. andre d ximmermann says:

    Wow!!!!: I just enjoyed Linda listening to her takes me back to my days with my mates from Tooheys the brewery (we work in the laboratories) in Sydney being mexican myself I was the one at the time, I have watched her singing Pitiful Me on Youtube today what a voice.

    I pity myself never did go to see her concerts when she came down to Aussie I was young and me mates were my life at the time now older I reminisced those beautiful days also at that year came Rodriguez another Mexican-American I was popular because of these 2 beautiful people. I’m almost 70 now and last year I went to see Sugar Man at Newtown with my wife it was heaven tho I would have love to see Linda, Rodriguez and the master to all of them Bob Dylan so many memories guys.

    thanx for the pics..Andrew (my aussie name)

  2. MAX says:

    Hey, they also played Adelaide on that tour… at the beautiful Adelaide Oval on a magic February evening.

    I got a job setting up chairs for the concert and massively taping them up together.. to prevent the hostile Adelaide audiences from flinging them at Linda …

    Linda, Waddy Wachtel and the band set up late in the afternoon for a sound check and belted out a MEMORABLE Tumblin Dice… to a select audience of about 40…I’ll never forget it,just fantastic…

  3. Peter says:

    This was my first major concert, and have been hooked ever since 🙂 She had a friend of hers dress up, almost like a drag queen, and come onto the stage during the performance which was a laugh… hot band… hot Linda… great vocals!!!!!! And the sound was supreme 🙂

  4. peter digwood says:

    I was at the Sydney gig, and in the second row. I was 17 and sent away for tickets as soon as I saw the ad in the Sunday paper. I was stunned when I turned up at the Showground and was advised by the ticket collector that I needed to make my way to the usher who was right at the front of the stage. I didn’t move from my seat once I sat down!

  5. Rob Richardson says:

    My then girlfriend and I were in the front row for this great concert.
    When Linda sang ‘Alison’ she said (about the pants she was wearing) “I’m dedicating these gold pants to Elvis”
    At that time I hadn’t heard of Elvis Costello so assumed she meant Elvis Presley!
    It was a balmy Sydney summer’s night, and a wonderful concert. Her band were incredible.

  6. Rob De Visser says:

    Remember witches britches… gangrene of the knees… what a terrific concert!! By chance, is a copy of either of those concerts, preferable video but audio at least, still available.

  7. Warren Lloyd says:

    The voice of an angel and the looks of a super-model. I was lucky enough to see her in Sydney in ’79 – what a show! Such a shame for her to struck down with such a shit illness. I once heard a renowned Australian opera singer being interviewed and asked who she admired most – she said she’d love to be able to sing like Linda Ronstadt.

  8. David Livingstone-Avoca Beach. N.S.W. says:

    My mate and I were 17 at this concert in Sydney in ‘79. He was shy but I said follow me to the front. Throughout the gig Linda kept wiping her face with a small towel. She then threw the towel right at me. I went to ground with it as I got punched and kicked. My shy mate yelling, ‘let it go Livo’. No way was I going to give up a piece of cloth with Linda Rhonstadts DNA on it. But I was being hurt so I yelled out that we’ll share to those immediately around. With all my strength I ripped the towel in half and threw it to the wind. It was like chips to a seagulls. Then we made a hasty exit. Linda was gorgeous, sexy, and brilliant.

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