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Billy Graham Crusade 1979

Conservative protestant evangelist, Billy Graham, was in Sydney in April 1979 to present one of his crusades. These were big outdoor shows, attended by tens of thousands of people.

Jands provided sound, lighting and the outdoor roof for the event.


20/5/1979 Randwick racecourse

14 responses to “Billy Graham Crusade 1979”

  1. Heath Jefferis says:

    Oh wow – now THAT’s a crowd! You don’t see that every day…

  2. Peter Arena says:

    I was one of the first to go forward in that crowd.
    I didnt walk I ran from up in the stands, I couldnt wait to get to the front!
    Is there any way that I could get a copy of the crusade footage if there is any ???
    There has been quite a story to my life since then.
    Bless you Peter A

  3. James says:

    I was 11 years old. (Saturday 20th of May,1979).
    I was invited onto that very platform by Billy Graham and led to the Lord, along with the faithful thousands on that great day.
    He told the man who was about to pray for me at the front of the stage, “To suffer the little Children to come unto me”
    and was led up the stairs you can see, left of the stage.

    I remember it, like it was yesterday, standing in front of him, every time he spoke over the microphone I could hear the delay of his voice echoing over the massive speakers it was an amazing experience.
    Could you supply more pictures, I too would love a copy of the crusade footage.
    Kind regards

  4. SueS says:

    I was an interpreter for Indonesian, at the Crusade. My boyfriend (now husband), Roy Scarcella, was an interpreter for Italian. It was the most amazing event. I still cannot believe I had the great honour to be part of it.

  5. Fay Barker says:

    I watched on TV and wanted to be there. I came to Christ in April 1981 I Dandenong Melbourne because I could not let go of the desire I had to go forward and give my life to God, even through I wasn’t there.

  6. Elissa Swavley says:

    I was there as an 11 year old travelling down from the Blue Mountains along with parents and grandparents. to this day I remember it. Praise God. The atmosphere was electric and I am so thankful we all were there. it’s great to read the comments from others.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I was there and it was a fantastic feeling

  8. Maggie says:

    I was there too that day.The holy spirit touched me that day as I walked to the front to give my life to Christ.A very special day.Thank you Billy Graham for bring Jesus into my life.

  9. Cheryle Bird says:

    I gave my heart to the Lord at that crusade too. I always remember the feeling of knowing that I had to step out. Looking at this picture I’m so thankful for my parents who encouraged me to go with them to this life changing event. Forever thankful!!!

  10. Klaus says:

    Randwick 1979 brings back memories.
    Many people experienced a change within.
    I am one of them.
    I went to listen and watch the circus
    and went home, changed.

  11. Lolita Copsiyan Reddel says:

    I was there… I believe God called me to be there. It has given confidence in the spirit of Life… I gave my spirit life to Christ Jesus… Thanks so divinely Rev. Billy Graham!

  12. David says:

    Went there with my girlfriend. Like a lot of young guys the big attraction with Christian Youth Groups was the girls!
    She had been a Christian since age 12. I was a slow learner, didn’t accept Christ’s sacrifice for my sin till I was 19.
    Mr Graham always put Jesus first. “You don’t need me you need Jesus”.
    I took his advice.
    Happy married to that girl for 38 years now, you do the math!!

  13. Mark Gaffey says:

    I was there with my parents and a group from the Earlwood St.Georges Church of England. I remember is was a muddy evening when we were there and we were up in the lower part of the grandstand.
    My Sunday School teacher was a little dubious of the whole crusade and I was encouraged not to go down to the front because of that and because of the weather. Mr Graham called all those that wanted to accept Jesus into their lives that couldn’t get down the front for whatever reason to do so right where we were. So I went to the grandstand railing and did just that. I was 9 years old at that time going on 10 the next month.
    I did what a lot of young guys do as I got older and drifted away from the church, but the Holy Spirit has never left me. My wife and I have both been soldiers of the Salvation Army for many years now and we’re both involved in our church.
    Being at Randwick racecourse in 1979 changed my life forever in a very positive way.

  14. Gary Hopkinson says:

    I was there as a 12 year old. When he asked all the sinners to come forward at the end and confess your sins and all these crying people walked forward balling their eyes out, I looked at my dad and thought what is wrong with all these people. Oh well, I’m agnostic not my scene.

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