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Creedance Clearwater Revival

CCR Randwick 1972

CCR Randwick 1972

Tour Dates 1972

February 8 Western Spring Stadium Auckland, New Zealand
February 11 Festival Hall Brisbane
February 13 & 15 Randwick Racecourse Sydney
February 16 & 17 Festival Hall Melbourne
February 18 Apollo Stadium Adelaide
February 21 Subiaco Oval Perth


6 responses to “Creedance Clearwater Revival”

  1. Alan says:

    A mate and I went to one of the Randwick Race Course CCR concerts. It was our last year in high school and this was the first major rock concert I went to. CCR were the biggest band in the world at that time and a massive crowd turned (about 20,000 by some reports). It was extremely hot and the crowd were a bit restless, somebody even threw an apple at CCR’s drummer (it wasn’t me!). Before CCR though their were a couple of Aussie support bands – Country Radio and Sherbert. Country Radio were particually impressive. Sherbert were probably a bit “poppy” for this rock crowd but worked hard to win the audience over, which they did. One of their lastest songs, the rocker, “You’re All Woman” (by Ted Mulry)went down very well.

    CCR arrived in limo’s via the racetrack. Rolling Stone mag said they were accompained by every well known Aussie groupie! CCR, despite not having Tom Fogerty in band anymore sounded full and loud. They just went from one classic rock song to the next. There is actually a Youtube clip of this concert of them playing “Hey Tonight” (from GTK).

  2. Alan Randall says:

    I was also at the CCR concert at Randwick Racecourse on Sunday 13 February 1972 with my ex-wife, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon, I remember that there was a delay in the concert starting and over the PA music system “Bip Bop” Paul McCartney & Wings was played and sounded fantastic in the open air on that summers day and later the three CCR members (without Tom Fogarty) arrived driven onto the racecourse separately in a black limousine each, I think there were three or four Australian support bands: Sherbet; Country Radio and not sure if it was the La De Da’s and Tamam Shud.

  3. Greg Scrimshaw says:

    I was also at Randwick Racecourse for one of these concerts. I was very disappointed with the fact that they only played three or four songs, then departed the stage after only 15 minutes or so. Left in a limo and didn’t even return for an encore.

  4. Lloyd says:

    Just had some old 8mm movie film digitized and there is footage of 1972 … February 8 Western Spring Stadium Auckland

  5. Oh, Lloyd… I really hope we can see these footages of Creedance in Auckland!

  6. Davo says:

    I was also at this concert. To be honest, I was also disappointed. The band performed for a very short time. It felt like 20 minutes. They did a medley of their hits strung together. I was and still am a big CCR fan, but I felt let down by this concert.

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