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L-Acoustics state position on second hand V-DOSC sales

Christian Heil of L-Acoustics has posted on open letter regarding the use of second-hand and non certified V‑DOSC systems. A short extract is reproduced below, for the complete article click on the link at the end of this item.

In order to clarify the current situation L‑ACOUSTICS would like to use this opportunity to clearly set out our intentions with regard to second-hand and non certified V‑DOSC systems and their owners.

The first consideration is that it would be quite wrong to let the non certified owners believe that the purchase of a second hand V‑DOSC system will allow them access to the V-DOSC Network: this is not an option as every official V‑DOSC owner knows what is required to join the V‑DOSC Network:

  • Universal system consistency including enclosures, subwoofers, amplifiers, paneling, and rigging
  • The latest Preset library updates used with approved DSP
  • Proprietary modeling tools and techniques in combination with measurement procedures
  • Training programs for technicians
  • Servicing certification for in-house personnel

The complete statement is available on the L-Acoustics website:
For a list of official V-DOSC Partners:
International V-DOSC Partners List

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