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Missy Higgins 2005

Fresh from collecting a swag of ARIA awards, Missy Higgins was on the road playing a series of sold out events in Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Johnston Audio Services provided a Nexo Geo-T system for the tour. For the Sydney show at Centennial Park, which was a sell-out of 18,000 people, the Geo T was augmented by delay stacks of Nexo Geo-S.
Centennial Park is situated in the middle of prime real estate and shows held there invariably draw noise complaints from the neighbouring residents. The controllability of the Geo-T helped to contain the audio to the concert area which in turn kept the noise consultants happy – with no complaints! The same issues are prevalent at Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl – and again – a faultless show without any trouble from the sound consultants!

The main system included 24 x Nexo Geo-T 4805 cabinets, 6 x Nexo Geo-T 2815 cabinets and 12 x Nexo CD18 subs. Nexo Alpha-e was utilised as front fill. The system was powered by Camco Vortex 6 amplifiers and controlled with Nexo NX241 processors and Lake Contour.

The delay system included 16 Nexo Geo-S 805 cabinets and 2 x Nexo Geo-S 830 cabinets, powered by Camco Vortex 6 amplifiers.

The monitor rig was Nexo PS15 cabinets – also powered by Camco.

Missy Higgins’ FOH engineer Brent Gray mixed the show on a Midas XL4 and monitor engineer Saul Skouterides utilised a Midas Heritage 3000 console.


October 14 – 31 2005

Main System

24x Nexo Geo-T 4805 Tangental Array
6x Nexo Geo-T 2815 Tangental Array
12x Nexo CD 18 Subs
20x Camco Vortex 6 Amps
4x Nexo NX241 Processors

Front Fill

2x Nexo Alpha-E M Cabinets
4x Nexo Alpha-E B118 Cabinets
2x Camco Vortex 6 Amps
1x Nexo Nx241 Processors

Delay System – (Sydney Only)

16x Nexo Geo-S 805 Tangental Array
2x Nexo Geo-S 830 Tangental Array
4x Nexo CD 12 Subs
4x Camco Vortex 6 Amps
2x Nexo Nx241 Processors

FOH Console

1x Midas Xl4 Console

Drive Rack

1x BSS Fcs 960 Dual 31 Band Eq
1x Al Smart C2 System Compressor
2x Lake Contour Processors
1x JAS System Management Computer C/W JBL Smaart
1x Denon DN600-F CD Player

FOH Effects

1x Tc Electronics M 5000
2x Yamaha SPX 990
1x TC Electronics D-Two Delay
1x Eventide H3000 Harmoniser


3x Drawmer DS 201 Noise Gates
5x DBX 160x Compressor
2x Avalon Vt 737-Sp
2x DBX 566 Valve Compressors
2x Empirical Labs Distressors

Monitor Console

1x Midas Heritage H3000 Console

Monitor Inserts

4x Klark Teknik Dn360 Eq
2x Drawmer DS 201 Noise Gates
1x Yamaha SPX990

Monitor Speakers

12x Nexo PS 15 Wedges
3x Camco Vortex 6 Amps
3x Nexo TD Mk Ii Controllers

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