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Red Hot Chili Peppers Rock Aussie Stadium

Red Hot Chili Peppers On the afternoon of Friday 29th November 2002, after being almost upstaged by torrential rain, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers performed at Sydney’s Aussie Stadium (formerly known as the Sydney Football Stadium) in Moore Park. Jands Production Services provided an L-ACOUSTICS System consisting of 48 V-DOSC, 18 dV-DOSC, 16 ARCS and 48 SB218 Sub cabinets. This resulted in the best sound production ever produced in the Stadium that, up until now, held a reputation as a venue with an acoustic nightmare for sound engineers. The V-DOSC was configured with 15 elements a side for the main left and right arrays, with 3 dV-DOSC boxes under hung for nearfill. On each side were 9 elements again with 3 underhung dV-DOSC elements. The ARCS cabinets were used as infill boxes.
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