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JPJ Audio purchases L-Acoustics K2

L-Acoustics K2 hangK2 CabinetK2 with K1 and SB28

JPJ Audio has added to its extensive inventory of L-Acoustics products with the purchase of a K2 system. K2 is a 12″ format, variable curvature, enclosure designed for events with audiences of up to 20,000.

K2 provides the same acoustic performance as K1 with a max SPL positioned 3 dB below its larger sibling. But to accommodate shorter throws and provide more accurate control the K2 features a maximum splay angle of 10° and adjustable horizontal directivity with 4 settings in one box: 70° and 110° symmetrical;
90┬░ asymmetrical left or right – effective down to 300 Hz.

Each K2 weighs only 56 kg (110 lbs) making the package ideal for buildings and outdoor events where there are rigging limitations.

K2 Highlights

  • Variable curvature WST line source
  • K1 system design rescaled into a 12″ compact and flexible format
  • V-DOSC SPL and bandwidth, with 10° inter-element flexibility
  • 100% acoustic and rigging compatibility with K1 and K1-SB
  • 70°/110° symmetric and 90° (L/R) asymmetric horizontal directivity
  • LA-RAK (LA8) advanced system drive and protection
  • Low-weight for rigging limitations and cost-effective logistics

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