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Rob Thomas 2010

Rob Thomas hit Australia for the first time on a solo tour and a D&B system was requested. Jim Yakaistori contacted us and mentioned he was keen to us the J system and ran us through what he was looking for. It ended up being quite a substantial setup.

JAS supplied 2 x 96ch Digidesign console systems with 2 x HD3 pro-tools recording/playback systems.

A surprise at the Melbourne show was INXS who turned up and played the last 3 songs with Rob Thomas with a hint of what might be coming later in the year.

The tour ran through a combination of arenas and wineries throughout Australia.


February 12-13


48 x D&B J8 & J12 line array boxes.
16 x D&B J-Subs. There was a combination of flown and ground sub J-subs.
16 x D&B M2 wedges
Digidesign 96ch FOH console
Digidesign Pro-tools HD3 system FOH
Digidesign 96ch FOH monitor console
Digidesign Pro-tools HD3 system Monitors

JAS crew

FOH system tech: Doug Pringle
Monitor system Tech: Conor Dunne
Audio system tech: Nicholas Brunney

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