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Rugby League Grand Final 2009

Rugby League Grand Final 2009

More than 2.5 million Australians tuned it to see Melbourne’s premiership triumph over Parramatta – making it the most watched NRL grand final in three years. Jands provided the audio system and staff for the day’s entertainment, including performances by Wolfmother, Wes Carr and Mark Vincent.

Date Sunday October 4, 2009
Audio Crew Michael Waters, Garry Hall, Tim Lonigan, Adam Williams
  Bob Daniels, James Kohler, Tony Love, Andrea Le Roy
  Shane Oldham, Adam Smith
Speaker System JBL Vertec
  42 x JBL Vertec 4889
  16 x JBL Vertec 4880
Amplifiers 36 x Crown MA5002vz Amplifiers
Control systems  
F.O.H. Digico D5 112EX Console
  Yamaha DM 1000
  Al Smart C2
  3 x Dennon CD Players
  1 x Tascam CD recorder
FOH Drive System  
  10 x BSS 366 Omni Drives
Monitor System  
  Yamaha PM-5D RH
  2 x Dolby DLP’s
  1 x BSS 366
  16 x Clair 12AM Wedges
  4 x L-Acoustics ARCS
  8 x Crown MA3600vz Amplifiers
  12 x Crown MA3600 Amplifiers
  3 x Lab Gruppen LA48 Amplifiers

One response to “Rugby League Grand Final 2009”

  1. morata says:

    Nothing less than the unrivaled real factory sound system JBL VERTEC !
    It’s a stunning state of the art sound system, a dream of technology, and the world reference.
    Here in Europe we see Vertec on the greatest and prestigions concerts and shows.

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