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Soundcraft VI6 acquired by JPS

Continuing its tradition of investing in large-format digital consoles JPS recently acquired a Soundcraft Vi6 desk.

The new console from Soundcraft is the result of a joint development with sister console company Studer and uses touch-screen colour TFT monitors with integral rotary controls and switches mounted directly on the glass to provide a ‘where you look is where you control’ user interface.

The VI6 is currently on the road with Delta Goodrem who is touring again for the first time in three years.
Soundcraft VI6 Monitor rigger Tim Seconi and monitor engineer, Ben Shapiro with the VI6

Tour Dates  
  January 9 – February 3 2009
Sound crew
  Pat Richardson (FOH CVE)
  Tim Seconi (Monitor Rigger)
FOH Speaker System
  30 x L-Acoustics dV-Dosc
  8 x L-Acoustics dV-Sub
  4 x L-Acoustics SB 218 Subwoofers
  4 x L-Acoustics Arcs Cabinets
Amplifiers 24 x Crown MA-5002Vz Amplifier
FOH Drive system
  4 x BSS 366 Omni Drives
  4 x BSS FCS 926 Varicurve Parametric EQ’s
  1 x BSS FPC 900r Varicurve Remote
  1 x BSS FPC 900i Remote Interface
  1 x BSS FCS 960 Stereo EQ
FOH Control System
  1 x Yamaha PM5D-RH Digital Console
  1 x Lexicon 480L Reverb
  1 x Manly Vox Box
  1 x Tascam CD-RW901SL
  1 x Marantz PMD 321 CD Player
Monitor System
  1 x Soundcraft Vi6 Digital Console
  4 x L-Acoustics 115 Hi-Q Wedges
  12 x Sennheiser EW G2 IEM Systems


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