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Live Earth

Live Earth took place on Saturday July 7 in Sydney with a monumental line-up
of Australian talent including Crowded House, Missy Higgins, Eskimo Joe,
Wolfmother and more at Aussie Stadium, Moore Park.
Live Earth

Date July 7 2007
Sound crew
  Michael Waters
  Paul Schofield
  Nick Giameos
  Garry Hall
  Matt Debien
  Dean Lovell
  John Blois
  Richard Vass
  Randell Casey
  Adam Williams
FOH Speaker System
  54 x JBL Vertec 4889 Enclousers
  24 x JBL Vertec 4888 Enclousers
  48 x JPS JBL Loaded 18″ subwoofers
Amplifiers 60 x Crown MA5002VZ Amplifiers
FOH Drive system
  4 x Dolby Lake DLP4D12 Processors
  4 x BSS Omni Drive FDS-366
  1 x Gateway Motion 1200 Tablet PC
  1 x Motion 1200 Docking Station
  1 x Cisco 350 Wireless Access Point
  1 x Midas XL-88 Mixer
FOH Control System
  1 x Digi-Design D-Show Venue 96Ch Console System
  1 x Yamaha PM-5D RH Console
  4 x DBX-566 Compressors
  2 x Eventide H-3000 SE Harmonisers
  2 x TC-M5000 reverbs
  2 x TC-Electronics D-Two Delay
  2 x L-Acoustics 108P Near Field Monitors
Monitor System
  2 x Yamaha PM5D-RH Digital Console
  24 x Clair Bros 12AM Wedges
  5 x Dolby Lake CDLP Processors
  8 x Shure PSM700 Receivers
  8 x Shure PSM700 Transmitters
  4 x Sennheiser EW-300 IEM G2 Systems
  8 x L-Acoustics Arcs
  4 x L-Acoustics dV-Subs
  10 x Shure UHF MA Radio Mic systems
  6 x Shure UHF MA Hand Held Mics
  4 x Shure SM 81
  4 x KSM 32’s
  3 x Shure SM 91’s
  10 x Shure SM 98’s
  12 x Shure SM 57’s
  17 x Shure SM 58’s
  4 x Shure Beta 52A’s
  4 x Shure Beta 56A’s
  3 x Beyer M-88’s
  20 x Countryman Type 85 DI’s

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