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Robbie Williams 2006

Johnston Audio supplied the bulk of the audio equipment for the Robbie Williams stadium tour of Australia. The tour was a huge success – 9 sellout shows to more than 400,000 people!

The JAS system and crew delivered everything and more! The preparation and presentation of the system received many favourable comments and Robbie’s FOH engineer Dave Bracey said that the system was fantastic.

Johnston Audio supplied 54 L-Acoustics VDosc cabinets traveling on dollies of 4 to make the setup and pack-down faster. The two front inner hangs had 15 VDosc/side (specially painted cabinets supplied by Britannia Row) and the front outer hangs had 12-15 VDosc / side. There were 2 delay towers of each with 12 VDosc.

The VDosc cabinets were powered by Camco Vortex 6 amplifiers.

The Robbie Williams tour necessitated the design and construction of a flying version of the Wayloud subs. Similar to the L-Acoustics 218, 24 flying-version Wayloud Subs were built for the tour and flown in a vertical hang alongside the outer VDosc arrays. Another 24 Wayloud subs were positioned in stacks of 6 across the front of the stage.

The system design also had 18 L-Acoustics ARCS boxes in pods of 3 across the front edges of the stage.

The whole system was controlled by 16 Dolby Lake controllers and a barrage of computers supplied by Britannia Row.

Sheriff L Babari was the system designer and toured with Robbie Williams.


30 November 2006
December 1, 5, 9-10, 13-14, 17-18 2006

Johnston Audio Crew List

Robert “Jock” Bain – Crew Chief & Delays
Doug Pringle – VDosc system rigger
Peter O’Leary – VDosc system rigger
Connor Dune – Monitor rigger / operator


54 L-Acoustics VDosc
48 Wayloud subs
18 L-Acoustics ARCS
16 x Wayloud wedges
12 x Crown 24×6 amplifiers
1 x DiGiCo D5 112 EX console
8 x Camco Vortex 6 Amplifiers
18 x Crown VZ 5000 Amplifiers

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