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Kylie’s Homecoming tour uses V-DOSC with Dolby Lake Processors

Audio production for Kylies’ triumphant Showgirl Homecoming tour, which kicked off on November 11 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre was supplied by Jands Production Services. Front of house engineer Chris Pyne specified an L-ACOUSTICS system consisting of 48 V-DOSC elements, 32 SB 218 subs, 16 Arcs and 18 dV-DOSC cabinets. The system is powered by 66 Crown MA5002 amplifiers.
DLP drive rack

JPS used the Kylie tour to debut one of its new Dolby Lake Processor (DLP) drive racks made up of 4 x LP4D12 units and a Motion 1200 wireless tablet.

“They sound very, very nice,” said Pat Richardson, JPS’s crew chief. “I believe that they are quite a marked development audio wise and you can definitely hear the difference.” Other JPS crew on the tour includes Cameron Elias, Dave Richardson and Simon Farrell.

Chris Pyne is also trialing an experimental convolution reverb that Dolby/Lake has produced

“As far as I know it’s the only one that exists,” Chris revealed. “It can alter parameters by computer, convolution reverbs are usually just a sampled space such as a room and that’s all you get. This model has sampled spaces that you can adjust the parameters on and that’s very interesting. Bruce Jackson, who works for Dolby, spoke about this prototype when I visited him in the US recently where he is doing front of house for Barbra Streisand.”

Dolby Live Sound

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