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JPS purchases custom Dolby Lake Processors

JPS has upgraded its monitor systems with the purchase of an additional 32 Clair Brothers Audio (CBA) 12AM monitor wedges, 48 Crown MA3600 amplifiers and 12 CBA custom Dolby Lake Processors.
Dolby Lake Processors

Photo: Jim Straw, JPS General Manager, Justin Baird, Product Manager, Dolby Live Sound Group, and Brad Adamson, JPS Operations Manager, show off some of the new monitor racks.

The new monitor racks debuted in September on a national concert tour by Australian electro-rock band Rogue Traders. ‘This is the best monitor system I have ever heard, they sound absolutely fantastic.’ said monitor engineer Ben Shapiro after the event. ‘After I ran the 12AMs with the new Clair Dolby Lake Processor presets, I left my outboard equalisers back at the shop.’

The Dolby Lake Processor provides a unique set of features for monitoring applications, including reference quality audio converters, the Iso-FloatT ground isolation system, and patented low-latency sample rate conversion. Coupled with the SmaartLiveT Controller, the Dolby Lake Controller integrates RTA and Spectrograph displays within the EQ user interface to provide immediate identification of feedback and spectrum analysis.
Dolby Live Sound

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