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Bob Geldoff 2003

Bob Geldoff at the Athenaeum – Packed house…what a sound!

3 hours – three encores. What can you say? The guy has a calm casual persona that tends to endear most everybody he meets. Bob was great. The band was great. And the sound was fantastic. Amazing really when you consider, the little Nexo PS8’s are so small, it almost looked like there was no PA system at all.

Sean Busby-Little was in control of FOH and he did a great job. Sean, as you would expect, has worked throughout the world and used a multitude of systems. He has been using Nexo’s in the UK but said “This has to be one of the best setups I believe I have used” and then with tongue in cheek he went on to say “It must be the air down under or something”.

But seriously, Sean only had extremely nice things to say about the setup. Big credit really to the whole crew. Not so much for any effort of lugging boxes, but simply for the careful and thoughtful placement of the system.

Sean Busby-Little at the FOH desk. At the sound check, he got a bit serious and had it so cranked that we could hear the drum check very clearly from the coffee shop next door (If you know the Athenaeum – it is through two sets of closed doors, the foyer, past the stairs another set of doors and in the rear theatre). And even from the coffee shop it was as clear as a bell.

Prior to the gig. Looking back at the Athenaeum from the bands perspective. Very refreshing to not see stacks of PA speakers everywhere.

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