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Steely Dan Live with Vertec

Steely Dan

Writing in Audio Technology magazine Mark Davie interviews the team responsible for Steely Dan’s audio on their Australian tour.

Tour Dates: September 8 – 24, 2008
“Steely Dan has probably played through more PAs than any other band. Well, maybe that should read been played. Walter Becker and Donald Fagens back catalogue can be heard echoing in empty concert halls and arenas across the globe Steely Dan has for some time been the discerning engineer’s recording artists of choice for tuning PAs. Given a Steely Dan gig is a rare occasion, even rarer in Australia it’s sometimes difficult to imagine Steely Dan the band coming out of the PA, and not just Steely Dan the CD. Sure enough, Walter and Donald have entrusted their live sound to one man and he’s known simply as JR.”

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