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Human Nature – Dancing In The Street

In a new production, directed by Dein Perry of Tap Dog fame, Human Nature performed in the round on their 2007 tour.
Human Nature 2007

Photo – Josh Neufeld

Tour dates June 22 – July 7 2007
System Designer Pat Richardson
FOH Engineer David Rudder
Monitor Engineer Phil Kesby
Audio Crew Brendan Keane, Simon Farrel, Matt Owsnett
Speaker System L-Acoustics VDOSC system
  30 x V-Dosc Elements
  36 x dV-Dosc Elements
  12 x SB-218 Subs
Amplifiers 48 x Crown MA-5002-VZ Amplifiers
Monitor System
  10 x Clair 12AM Monitor Speaker
  2 x Dolby Lake CDLP Processors
  11 x Shure PSM600 Personal Monitor Systems
  10 x Shure PSM700 Personal Monitor Systems
Consoles and control
F.O.H. 1 x Midas H3000 Heritage Console
  7 x BSS 402 Compressors
  1 x DBX 160 SL Compressor
  2 x Drawmer DS201 Noise Gates
  1 x Lexicon PCM90 Reverb
  1 x Eventide H-3000 SE Harmoniser
  1 x TC-Electronics D-Two Delay
  1 x KT 728 Delay
  3 x Yamaha SPX 990 Multi effects units
  1 x KT 728 Delay
  2 x L-Acoustics 108P Near Field Monitors
Monitor 1 x Yamaha PM5D-RH
Radio Mics
  16ch Shure U-Series Radio mic