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JPS joins L-ACOUSTICS’ K1/KUDO Pilot Programme

K1Jands Production Services has joined the new K1 / KUDO pilot program and early next month will take delivery of one of the few systems, produced so far, by French manufacturer L-ACOUSTICS.

K1 / KUDO is the new L-ACOUSTICS line array system for stadiums and JPS along with several of the world’s leading rental companies are collaborating with the L-ACOUSTICS R&D team in advanced field proofing of the new system.

The JPS K1 system will consist of 48 of the new K1 line source cabinets along with K1 SB and SB28 subwoofers, KUDO line source boxes and LA-RAK touring racks fitted with LA8-amplified controllers.

The new K1 isn’t intended as a replacement for V-DOSC, instead the combination of K1 and KUDO is aimed at providing a scaled solution for large venues with KUDO providing a flexible horizontal and greater vertical dispersion, while the K1 offers fixed horizontal dispersion with a maximum of 5-degree inter-element angles for larger venues.

The K1 enclosure includes dual 15-inch woofers, a re-engineered mid/high section that includes a third compression driver, and comes with internal captive rigging.

The K1 is designed to hang 24 enclosures deep, creating much longer arrays than is possible with V-DOSC. The new dual 15 K1-SB subwoofer is also fly-able providing system designers with longer LF throw and cardioid pattern physical arrangements and presets to suit the SB28 subwoofers.

The K1/KUDO system is powered by the new LA-RAK, a 9U touring rack, incorporating three LA8 amplified controllers, and space for dual Ethernet switches for control and monitoring (L-NET) and digital audio (L-DGA). The LA Network Manager software, running on a PC, offers a graphic interface for control and monitoring of up to 253 units.The software also includes EQ balance tools to adjust for array height, listening distance and line source type.

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