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Bryan Ferry 1977

Tour Dates 1977

May 12 Festival Hall Brisbane
May 15, 16 Hordern Pavilion Sydney
May 19, 20 Festival Hall Melbourne
May 25 Apollo Theatre Adelaide
May 30 Entertainment Centre Perth

4 responses to “Bryan Ferry 1977”

  1. Cathy says:

    Hi, would you know who the support band was for the Festival Hall Melbourne gigs? I’ve got a set of colour 35mm slides taken then but not sure who the support was. Thanks,

  2. Anonymous says:

    It was Jon English.

  3. Eileen Taggart says:

    just got on this site to confirm that i definitely saw Jon English support Bryan Ferry at Festival Hall, but couldn’t remember the year. Thanks to whoever u are. If i remember I enjoyed Jon English better than Bryan Ferry.

  4. Warren Cooke says:

    Hi there, in about 1977 saw Bryan Ferry at a theatre in Sydney, I think my first live concert, I was about 21 old then, brilliant show started with band behind a huge white Venetian blind, soft guitar music first, then gets louder, blind starts to open slowly and rises slowly and fully opens, until it disappears , by now music loud and Bryan Ferry appears and the concert begins, again brilliant show and thoroughly professional and smooth especially by Bryan himself, I will never forget that, I am 65 yrs old, maybe someone else remembers this as well, or just think about it brilliant stuff.

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