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Alice Cooper 1977

Alice Cooper Perth

The Welcome To My Nightmare Tour began in spring of 1975 and continued until 1977 when Alice brought the show to Australia and New Zealand.

Jands Production Services provided audio and lighting for the tour.

The elaborate travelling stage set included a large gothic looking bed in the center of the stage. There were huge pillars on either side of the bed, which would at one point in the show support an over-sized spider web for the performance of Devil’s Food and The Black Widow. And, at the height of the show the bed would slide back and a large split screen was raised.

Alice and the dancers were on the screen and then would emerge through the screen onto the stage. Sheryl Goddard, who would later become Sheryl Cooper, played the ballerina role for Only Women Bleed.

The touring band included Dick Wagner, Steven Hunter, Prakash John and Whitey Glan.

I Never Cry was added to the set during the Australian and New Zealand leg of the tour.

Tour Dates

March 1977
14, 15 Entertainment Centre, Perth
18 Westlakes Football Stadium, Adelaide
21, 22, 23, 24 Festival Hall, Melbourne
26 RAS Showground, Sydney (40,000 people attended, breaking the Australian record at this time)
29, 30, 31 Festival Hall, Brisbane

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6 responses to “Alice Cooper 1977”

  1. Steve Mac says:

    was indeed a great show…Steve Hunter was actually touring with Peter Gabriel at the time and was replaced by Bob Kulick. cheers…mac

  2. carlk says:

    was a great show- I remember them jumping through the split screen and the awesome stage effects

  3. Gordon says:

    I remember seeing him in Sydney on his first Aust tour in 1977 and the biggest record crowd of 40,000 at the time great concert .

  4. Hank says:

    To date, the best overall concert I ever went to; late summer of ‘77 at Footy Park. The split screen, the cyclops and of cause the Only Women Bleed scene. Still talk about it today…
    Knew a few songs previously but was formally introduced to Alice Cooper while listening to a local radio station 5AD through a late night Sunday talkback show run by Rev. John Fleming (Who’d o’ thought) deliberating over his Welcome To My Nightmare album. Been a follower ever since.

  5. Angela says:

    I was at Footy Park 44 years ago. Great show. I remember the people on stage going through the split screen during the performance.

  6. Cookie says:

    RAS Hush the support band, with the GJ bikie gang running a muck .

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