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Fleetwood Mac 1977

Rumours was released on the 4th of February 1977 and on 28 February, after rehearsing at SIR Studios in Los Angeles, Fleetwood Mac started a seven month-long promotional tour of America. In late 1977 they arrived in Australia and headlined the massive outdoor “Rockarena” shows in Sydney and Melbourne. They also played smaller indoor shows in Brisbane and Perth.

Jands supplied the lighting and audio to supplement the Clair Bros S4 system the band toured with.

All (except main) photos © Jands Pty Limited. Click to enlarge

Sound System – Clair Brothers

32 x Clair S4 Speaker Cabinets, each containing:
2 x JBL 18″
4 x JBL 10″
2 x JBL 2″ Compression Driver
2 x JBL Slot Tweeter

Clair Bros Crew

James ‘Trip’ Khalaf
Chuck Hull
James Devenney
Steve Paterno

Additional System – Jands Concert Productions

12 x Hurler (sub-Low) c/w 4 x JBL 2205
4 x RCA W Bin c/w 2 x JBL K140
16 x JBL 4560 c/w 1 x JBL 2220
16 x JBL 4580 c/w 2 x JBL K120
24 x JBL 2350 Horn + 2480 Driver
16 x JBL 2355 Horn + 2440 Driver
10 x JBL 2356 Horn + 2480 Driver
48 x JBL 075 Tweeters

Jands Crew

Eric Robinson – Production Manager
David Mulholland – Audio
Vagn Stenvei – Audio
Peter Rooney – Lighting

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