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Rock Isle Mulwala Festival 1972

The Rock Isle Mulwala Festival was held over the Easter weekend (31 March – 2 April 1972) and featured local bands including: Russell Morris, Lobby Loyde, Leo De Castro and Friends, Country Radio, Chain, Carson, Taman Shud and The Aztecs. The festival also featured, Canned Heat and Steven Stills band Manassas, with Chris Hilman.

Sound System (each side)

2 x Jands Hurler c/w 4 x JBL 2225
1 x JBL 4550 c/w 2 x JBL K130
2 x Jands 4580 c/w 2 x JBL K120
2 x JBL 2350 90 Horn with 2480 Driver
2 x JBL 2355 60 Horn with 2440 Driver
1 x JBL 2360 Long Throw Horn with 2480 Driver
2 x HF enclosures each with 2 x JBL 2402
2 x HF enclosures each with 2 x JBL 2405
24 x Jands 150w Power Amplifiers

Jands Crew

Howard Page, Phillip Storey, David Mulholland, Eric Robinson, Paul Mulholland, Edward Robinson, Andrew Batchelor.

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GTK: Stephen Stills & Manassas Live at Mulwala 1972

7 responses to “Rock Isle Mulwala Festival 1972”

  1. Steve Devine says:

    I was at Mulwala in 1972. I remember some of it.
    Stephen Stills and Manassas
    Canned Heat
    Overflowing toilets
    Rain and mud
    And a bad batch of Orange Barrell Acid.

  2. Laurie Patterson says:

    Tne Mulwala festival had some excellent music. Steve Stills said he was doing it for the financial side only but delivered a great set, without acknowledging the audience at any point. When Canned Heat hit the stage they apologized for their fellow countryman’s behaviour and did a wild set of boogie blues and rock. Tne entertainment was varied, many enjoyed the naked female waterskiers who were putting on a show for the lucky campers. There were a few angry crowdmembers behaving in an antisocial manner but it was mostly a great vibe.

  3. Terry Murphy says:

    I have nothing but good memories of the weekend Stephen Stills and Manassas were fantastic as was Canned Heat. Never saw any trouble to speak of ,You didn’t need to smoke as the haze you walked through was enough to get you going . It was a great weekend with a good vibe

  4. Anonymous says:

    I was 18 then and we couldn’t believe the amount of people that went to the concert, also that were in our towns.

  5. Dave Percy says:

    Country Radio ripped and had to be bought back on on the Saturday evening pushing the internationals back an hour.This apparently got Steve Stills really annoyed.
    3 Different types of hash meant a good supply of smoking gear so a good time was had by the crew I went with.

  6. Rob Nieboer says:

    I was there too with a bunch of people who used to hang out at the Station Hotel in Greville Street Prahran. Definitely a good time had by all, even with the rain on the last day. Going to sleep hearing “Suck more piss” yelled out by the JF’s (juice Freaks) was fun.

  7. Wendy Grigg says:

    I was there with a group of friends from Rosebud, Vic .l have some photos of us setting up tents and the boys covered in mud from sliding in it.

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