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Alpine Sound 1972

Alpine Sound Sydney

In the early 1970s cigarette company Philip Morris (Australia) sponsored a series of daytime concerts in Sydney. The Alpine Sound concerts were held in Hyde Park, at Manly beach, Lane Cove National Park and other outdoor locations during the summers of 1972 and 1973. The shows featured many popular singers included Mary Jane Boyd, Ted Mulry, Bobbi Marchini any Micky Leyton who were backed by the 32 member Alpine Sound orchestra. Well known composer and band leader Sven Liebeck conducted the orchestra.

Jands provided a four way speaker system consisting of W bins for sub-bass, JBL 4550s, JBL 90° and 60° horns with 2480 and 2440 drivers and JBL 075 tweeters.

The FOH mixer was the second large format console designed and built by Jands, to cope with the orchestra it was suplemented with a six channel sub-mixer that was later produced in small quantities for re-sale.

Jands crew for these shows included Philip Storey, Howard Page, David Mulholland, Paul Mulholland, Eric Robinson and Ed Robinson. Freelance engineer Spencer Lee mixed for some concerts.

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Jands 16 channel FOH Mixer

  • 16 Mic / Line Inputs
  • 4 Stereo Group masters
  • Stepped input attenuator
  • 3 way eq section
  • 2 auxillary sends
  • PFL switch

Jands 6 channel Mixer

  • 6 Mic / Line Inputs, 4 Stereo Group masters
  • Stepped input attenuator
  • 3 way eq section
  • PFL switch

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