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Rod Stewart 1977

Rod Stewart toured Australia, for the first time, in early 1977. His Sydney concert set a new attendance record of 32,000 at the RAS Showground.

Sound System
FOH Console
Jands 24 / 16 / 2 mixer

27 band stereo graphic eq
2 x DBX 160 limiters
2 x Jands. 4-way crossovers

8 x Amp racks with 3 Crown DC300A or Phase Linear 700B or Jands J600S

Speaker System:
12 x Jands 4130 (4 x JBL 15)
4 x RCA W Bin (2 x JBL 15)
24 x JBL 4560 (1 x JBL 15)
16 x Jands 4580 (2 x JBL 12)
20 x JBL 90° horn
16 x J8L 60° horn
8 x JBL long throw horn
48 x JBL 075 high frequency

Monitor System
Monitor Console
Jands 20 in 6 out monitor mixer

Side Fill
1 x JBL 4550 (2 x JBL2220)
2 x JBL 4560 (1 x JBL2220)
2 x JBL 90° horn
1 x JBL 2390 lens
Drum Monitor
4 x JBL 4560 bass bins
2 x JBL 90° horns

4 x Jands wedge (1 x JBL 15, horn and driver

Lighting System
Jands 48 ch 2 preset console,
16 Scene masters
6 ch chaser

70 Jands 2kW (miniset) dimmers

100 x Par64
Strand Pat 763 Profiles
Mirror Ball

Tour Dates 1977
February 7, 8 – Perth
February 11, 12 – Adelaide
February 14, 15 – Melbourne
February 18, 19 – Sydney
February 21, 22 – Brisbane
February 28 – Christchurch NZ
March 3 – Auckland NZ

Jands Crew
Vagn Stenvei, Dennis Braham, David Mulholland, Michael Oberg, Phil Eastig

Rod Stewart Crew
Pete Buckland, Patrick Woodroffe, Robin LeMesurier,

The April 1977 edition of Electronics Today featured an article about the equipment used on this tour.
Read the Electronics Today Story [PDF 1.9m]

7 responses to “Rod Stewart 1977”

  1. Joanne says:

    I was lucky enough to meet rod before this concert had a photo taken with him , would love to track down this photo

  2. Mike says:

    Rod Stewart toured with The Faces in 1974 FYI

  3. DavidM says:

    Thanks for your comment. We’ll correct the error in our post.

  4. Bill Mansell says:

    Saw both shows in Melbourne. Stupendous.

  5. Robbie says:

    Never forgot the Rod Stewart concert at the Hordern on Saturday Feb 19, 1977. Met a guy the day before who work as a photographer on the P & O ss Canberra. He asked me to go to the concert with him…wow awesome night. Loved the Hordern Pavilion as a venue and Roddy and the lads were great. What a weekend!

  6. Andrew Kitt says:

    Played squash with Rod in Adelaide. He was with Belinda Green then.

  7. Colin J Richardson says:

    The concert was initially cancelled due to wet and I mean REALLY wet weather but my mate and I made the trip from our homes in the Hunter Valley north of Sydney for the rescheduled gig.
    I was a wide eyed country boy at my first international concert and I had never seen so many people!
    What a concert it was!
    As I recall we were in the “sweet spot” directly in front of the stage and just far enough back to see the concert without having to get stiff necks watching that amazing show.
    They say “you never forget your first” and I will hold that concert in my mind till the day I die.

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