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Queen 1976

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A Night At The Opera was Queen’s first full tour of Australia. Previously they had performed at the 1974 Sunbury Festival where they had received a hostile reception.

Tour Dates

Sun 11th April – Perth, Entertainment Centre 
Wed 14th April – Adelaide, Apollo Stadium 
Thu 15th April – Adelaide, Apollo Stadium 
Sat 17th April – Sydney, Hordern Pavillion 
Sun 18th April – Sydney, Hordern Pavillion 
Mon 19th April – Melbourne, Festival Hall 
Tue 20th April – Melbourne, Festival Hall 
Thu 22nd April – Brisbane, Festival Hall 

12 responses to “Queen 1976”

  1. Daphne says:

    Hello .

    I’m hoping beyond hope that you may possibly have some video footage of Queen live at Sunbury in 1974?

    Thank you for your time .

  2. DavidM says:

    I’m not aware of any footage but there’s some still photos here:

  3. Sue Brearley says:

    I was lucky enough to be at the concert and i caught one of fredie’s red roses whichni pressed and still have today and i wish i kept my concert ticket

  4. Sue Brearley says:

    I was lucky enough to be at the concert at festival in april 1976 and i caught one of Fredie’s red roses which I pressed and still have today and i wish I kept my concert ticket.

  5. Des says:

    What was the name of the support band for Queen on this tour when they played in Perth? That band also played Bohemian Rhapsody that night.

  6. roger roland dilernia says:

    I was at the Sydney show in 2nd row day I have a lot of photos and I had an exabition last year, I am selling the prints framed. At $400 each.

  7. The support band I think were called Chalice as I recall Brian liking them. He also liked Taste ,TMG & Ac/Dc but they were not support I think Cold Chisel were but with Ian Moss on vocals for rest of the Tour

  8. I think they were called CHALICE

  9. Nygel says:

    Sue would you ever Sell your Rose ? ????

  10. Nygel says:

    I was in 4th Row for the Adelaide Shows a friend of mine caught freddies rose we snuck underneath the stage and saw Roger and Brian was soon escorted out was picked up by brother after the show and Freddie pulled up at the stop lights in his limousine of course we went hysterical he waved and the police told us to move on as the other 3 Queen members followed in their limousines

  11. Nygel says:

    Roger Roland do you have a website or where we can see them please

  12. Richard Kreider says:

    I was extremely fortunate to have met the boys in 1976 for their Perth gig. They’re not bad pool players!

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