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Bette Midler ‘The Divine Miss M Tour’ 1978

When Bette Midler and her entourage visited Australia, at the end of her 1978 world tour, she sold out 34 shows. Her infamous “trash with flash” act consisted of a sting of hits and jokes including her Delores Delago character – a beached mermaid, who zoomed on and off stage in a motorized wheelchair.

Jands provided the sound system including Concord speaker cabinets which were both stacked on stage and flown in the State theatre.

Jands also provided the lighting which was designed and operated by the legendary Chip Monk – LD and larger than life master of ceremonies at Woodstock.

Tour Dates
October 25 – Sydney, State Theatre
October 26 – Sydney, State Theatre
October 27 – Sydney, State Theatre
October 28 – Sydney, State Theatre
October 29 – Sydney, State Theatre
November 01 – Melbourne
November 04 – Perth
November 07 – Adelaide
November 09 – Brisbane
November 12 – Sydney, State Theatre
November 13 – Sydney, State Theatre
November 14 – Sydney, State Theatre

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