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Elton John Tour 1971

This was Elton John’s first tour of Australia and New Zealand. He played outdoors and Jands provided what was then the largest sound system every assembled in Australia. Elton’s personal monitoring system consisted of JBL studio monitors supplied by Clair Brothers.

Sound System

2 x RCA W Bin with 2 x 15″ JBL K140
4 x Jands U Bin with 2 x 15″ JBL K130
2 x RCA Multi-cell Horns with Altec drivers
8 x JBL 075 high frequency drivers
10 x Jands 150w Power Amplifiers
1 x 16 Channel Jands Mixing Console

Jands Crew

Howard Page
Phillip Storey
Eric Robinson

Promoters / Sponsors:

I.B.C./Rock Concert Club of Australia/Go-Set/ 6KY, 5KA, 3AK, 4BC, 2SM

1971 Tour Dates and Venues:

17 October – Perth, Subiaco Stadium
22 October – Adelaide, Memorial Drive Tennis Centre
24 October – Melbourne, Kooyong Tennis Centre
26. October – Brisbane, Festival Hall
31 October – Sydney, Randwick Racecourse

Support Groups:

The Birds (Perth)
Mark IV (Perth)
Headband (Adelaide)
Ilo (Adelaide)
Chain (Melbourne)
Aztecs (Melbourne)
Pilgrimage (Melbourne)
Gentle Art (Brisbane)
Leroy (Brisbane)
Country Radio (Sydney)
Melissa (Sydney)
Asleep At the Wheel (Sydney)

Melbourne, Kooyong Tennis Centre

All images © Jands Pty Limited – Click to enlarge

Perth and Adelaide

All images © Jands Pty Limited – Click to enlarge

21 responses to “Elton John Tour 1971”

  1. Steve Gilbey says:

    This was the rig (and the gig) that turned me professional. I’d been mixing Citizen Band at the Mosman Hotel as a hobby. I took holidays from my day job to tour NZ with them, where they were huge at that time, and the final gig of the tour was supporting Elton John at Western Springs. I got to use the angled Claire Bros desk which, with the huge rig and the thousands of people singing along(once I realised that wasn’t the Roland tape delay!), raised the hairs on the back of my neck.

    Once I got back to Oz I quit the day job and then toured doing sound for 15 years. Happy days.

  2. Steve Gilbey says:

    No. Scratch that. I was just a boy in 71. Not that rig at all. It would have been 79 or 80 tour? Was the Jands/Claire bros rig though. Sorry.. S

  3. Rick Lamb says:

    Hello to who ever maybe on the other end . WOW ! This is the first ive ever seen of these Elton John photos . These days were the best . Great times but seem so simple compared to now . These venues look like something like Elvis would have played in the 1950s . I mean like a county fair or something .

    People seem so relaxed . Enjoying some great tunes . As I’m a collector of Elton John since the early 70s I was checking out those Elton concert posters attached to the front of that one stage . Would love to have one of those someday . Notice the one stage in the bottom photos ….So small …so simple like waiting for a small town band to play . Ha Ha . Anyway , Enjoyed these very much . Anybody out there attend any of these shows ? Take care .All the Best .

  4. dianne says:

    I went to the Adelaide concert at Memorial Drive. We were part of the crowd outside the gate. There wasn’t a big crowd in the stadium as he wasn’t that well known in Australia then. Elton opened the gates and let the outside crowd in because he wanted a crowd. I was one of those and we were right at the front. The concert was phenomenal. It was the first concert I ever went to. I was 17.

  5. Rick Lamb says:

    Hey Dianne , Enjoyed your response . Did you take any photos by chance ? I purchased a old press photo taken at Randwick Race track from that same tour -1971- of Australia . Those days were so different than now . The feel of it all . Great memories for you . Any other details about that show . Have a great day , Rick .

  6. Rick Lamb says:

    Hey Dianne , Thanks for the info . Sounds like a great time . Did you get any photos from this show ? I purchased a blk & wht original press photo from the Randwick race track concert in Sydney – 1971 around the same time . Same tour . Any other details about this show . Other concerts ?
    Thanks , Have a great day , Rick .
    My second reply didn’t seem to post so I created this one .

  7. Geoff says:

    Wow thanks for the information. I am going to see Elton again tonight (after 45 years). I saw the Adelaide concert in 1971 and while not a Elton fan back then (still not) I was blown away by the show. It was my first international act I ever saw, and many 1,000 bands later, this show is still etched in my memory. I have some photo’s somewhere of the show, taken with a instamatic camera.
    Blown away by the fact Headband were support. I love(d) this band but honestly do not remember their set.

  8. Peter says:

    What was the capacity at Kooyong and Memorial Drive for these concerts?

  9. DavidM says:

    Kooyong accommodates around 8500 for the tennis but with seating on the court area it would have been higher for the concert.

    The capacity, for tennis at Memorila Drive is 5000.

  10. Peter says:

    So maybe 10000 at Kooyong if you add in those on the lawn.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Great photos!

  12. Lana says:

    I was at Kooyong show can still see him hand standing as he played piano

  13. Tony says:

    Hi. I was also at Elton’s Kooyong show in 1971. He was so incredibly skilled on piano and so entertaining. Unfortunately the sound bounced off Kooyong Centre court Concrete walls so those in the stands heard each note played multiple times, until thousands of us flooded the centre court grass area and thereafter no sound problems and had a ball. What a wonderful memory i have of this day. Of course have been lucky to be a fan now ever since. My dogs even been swept into it – he is proudly named elton. I wonder what his namesake would think about that?

  14. Anonymous says:

    any one know who was in Eltons band?

  15. Elizabeth Pronti says:

    I remember the Randwick Racecourse concert of 71….. I was just 13 years old. Elton arrived in a helicopter and ran across the racecourse with a big purple cape billowing behind him. A storm almost ruined the day …. the drums were blowing off the stage, but Elton kept playing his piano and singing through it all…. brilliant!!

  16. Shane Fishlock says:

    yeah I was at Randwick racecourse in 71 too Elizabeth. That wind came up and Elton kept on playing alright even after the tarp came down over him. You could see the tarp going up and down with him jumping up and down under it, not missing a beat — BRILLIANT!!! Just heard he’s coming to Coffs Harbour – hope the tix are within the budget

  17. Mark says:

    That’s funny Shane. Those potential catastrophic moments make the memories . About the only memory I have was the tarp and he didn’t miss a beat.

  18. Nigel says:

    I went to that Sunday concert too – just brilliant! Country Radio were the support band. Elton John gave such a dynamic performance and kept playing even when a Southerly Buster hit Randwick late in the afternoon. You could see it coming by the raised dust on the other side of the racecourse before it arrived, bringing down the tarp and scattering the drums. You could see the outline of Elton’s head under the tarp – still playing – the show must go on! I think the other members of the trio were drummer, Nigel Olsson, and bass player, Dee Murray. Great concert! I saw Deep Purple and Pink Floyd at Randwick too… great days!

  19. Judy Jones says:

    I went to this Elton John concert in 1971 @ 16 yrs of age at Randwick Racecourse, I’m now 64 years old. I’ll never forget he arrived on the back of a table top truck and somersaulted to the ground directly in front of me. He wore a white shirt, shorts and long socks. Will never forget that moment back in time. I’ve been to his 1st, last and many concerts in between. Thank you for the music Elton John.

  20. shane fishlock says:

    Just had another memory of the ’71 show at Randwick – Winifred Atwell sent him a wreath of flowers – anyone else remember that? Not many sleeps now til Tuesdays concert at Coffs – Lookin forward to it.

  21. Suzie Farrow says:

    I was at the Kooyong Concert in 1971. It blew my mind. To think that you could play the piano like that – what a groove! I’d been learning classical piano for years and my eyes were opened. He did handstands on the keyboard and the energy was unreal. I’ll never forget Elton John.

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