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Heddon Greta Speedway Concert Newcastle

Heddon Gretta concert

One of the first outdoor shows Jands provided audio for was a concert was held at the Heddon Greta Speedway near Newcastle.

The PA system included two Jands 4 x 12″ speaker columns shown on the left side of the photo. Microphones were AKG D190s.

The mixer was designed and largely built by Philip Storey and featured 10 channels with rotary level controls, 2 band eq and stepped input attenuators.

Howard Page mixed the show, on headphones, from the back of a rental truck.

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2 responses to “Heddon Greta Speedway Concert Newcastle”

  1. sue mccleverty says:


    Do you have a record of the bands that appeared at this rock concert? I would appreciate any information or links that you may have.

  2. Kevin says:

    HI Sue
    Did you get any feed back on the bands that appeared at this concert?
    from what I remember it was a great afternoon-evening-night, the best of Aus rock in the 70s. a one off! for Newcastle-Cessnack-Heddon Greta:- Black Feather, Chain, Mast App, the list goes on! I’m probably in one of the photos, down the front in ore!

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